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Christopher Mendez
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+44 (0) 20 7253 9699


Christopher Mendez was established in 1965 and is a specialist dealer in Old Master Prints, that is to say original etchings, engravings and woodcuts made by artists either from their own hand or by printmakers interpreting the design of an artist. Such prints are often single images but may also have been produced as a set or series;  we exclude prints taken out of printed books and atlases.  The date range is from about 1500 to about 1850 but we occasionally have more recent prints, including works by Érik Desmazières.

Christopher Mendez is a founding exhibitor of the London Original Print Fair at the Royal Academy and has shown there regularly each spring since 1985. 

Christopher Mendez sells prints to private collectors and museums across the globe and to date has published 87 catalogues of Old Master Prints, either general stock catalogues or devoted to individual printmakers. These have included:

Wenceslaus Hollar(1968, 1975)
Wright of Derby(1971)
John Baptist Jackson(1971)
John Clerk of Eldin(1975)
Hendrik Goltzius(1975)
John Martin(1976)
Carl Wilhelm Kolbe(1977)
Adam Elsheimer(1978)
Wallerant Vaillant(1981)
Jacques Callot(1992)
Claude Lorrain(1994)
Gabriel Huquier(2004)